Fractional Marketing Teams

Are Fractional Marketing Teams Better than Marketing Agencies?

I received a question from a potential customer regarding the distinction between fractional marketing team members and a typical marketing agency or digital agency. These are two approaches to addressing the same issue, but the fractional marketing teams offer some distinct advantages worth noting over the agency model.

One of the big differences is the broad scope of tactics you can handle with a fractional marketing team member. With over 33 marketing tactics available, as the Transform Your Marketing book outlines, businesses can rely on a fractional team to handle various tasks seamlessly. For instance, if you require a content writer to handle publishing two blog posts a week specifically for your industry, it can easily be handled.

Another area of differentiation is the heavier reliance on asynchronous communication. Do you like meetings? Yeah, I don’t either. That’s why our fractional teams prioritize efficiency and seamless communication over constant meetings. We leverage tools like Trello and Loom to communicate with clients; they foster asynchronous communication that allows for rapid progress. Clients can access project tracking, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the engagement. This streamlined communication approach eliminates unnecessary delays and enables quick decision-making. If you like emails better, no problem; they will go right into Trello, and the entire team will be alerted. We do schedule monthly meetings to discuss strategy, successes, and challenges with a longer-term vision, but day-to-day, we want to get out as much work product for your company as possible. Let’s go fast! 💪

Engaging a fractional marketing team establishes a long-term relationship that becomes deeply part of your organization. This partnership lets the team understand your brand, culture, and objectives in-depth, facilitating more effective marketing strategies and execution. Fractional teams become an extension of your team, working closely with your internal stakeholders to drive growth and success.

We also offer a flat rate pricing model, providing clarity and transparency to clients. This simplicity in pricing allows for easier budget planning and cost control. We offer teams for social media management, content development, graphic design, and advisory services.

Another thing you’ll get exclusive with us is a strategic approach based on the “Transform Your Marketing” playbook. This playbook is a framework for developing comprehensive strategies aligning with your brand’s vision and objectives. By leveraging this proven methodology, our team delivers impactful marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness, sales, and leads.

When choosing between a fractional marketing team and a traditional marketing agency, it is essential to consider the unique advantages fractional teams offer. With a broad scope of services, asynchronous communication, flexibility, and expertise, we provide a cost-effective and collaborative approach to fuel your business growth. Whether you require a specific marketing task or a comprehensive strategy, a fractional marketing team can tailor their services to meet your needs and deliver transformative results.

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